Episode 11: The True Cost of Pet Ownership & How To Handle Your Business $$ with Sylvia Inks

February 19, 2018
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Quick Recap:

  • Sylvia and her husband had to re-home their dog after they had kids
  • Her brother took their dog on the condition that they continue to pay for the dog
  • Sylvia is a bid advocate for pet insurance, Liz doesn't have it and just dropped $1,000 at the emergency vet
  • Expenses of pet ownership
  • Benefits of working through Rover
  • Evil vs Awesome: Valentine's Day
  • What is a financial coach
  • How to handle your side hustle or small business money
  • Why every small business owner should have three checking accounts
  • Why you should have an LLC if you're making money on the side
  • Evil vs Awesome: They Olympics


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