Episode 27: Building Blocks of Budgeting

October 8, 2018

Shownotes: Welcome The Importance of the Right Budget Categories Where to Budget in the Fun Stuff Incorporate Savings into Your Budget Budgeting is Like an Exercise Routine What Should You Do If You Have An Expensive Month You Didn’t Anticipate¬† Links: Are You Forgetting to Budget These 50 Expenses 200+ Expenses to Consider When Building […]

Season 2 Teaser!

August 6, 2018

Accio Debt Freedom is BACK for Season 2… soon! In this teaser episode, Liz and Melissa update you on what they’ve been up to, what’s up with this Season 2 delay, and more! Quick Recap:Melissa is wrapping up a move from Arizona to Washington stateLiz was a bridesmaid at her friends wedding in Salem, MA […]

Episode 22: Resourcefully Building a Business While Paying Off Debt

May 14, 2018

Quick Recap:How Chenell paid off $38,000 of debt and saved an 8 month emergency fund in 16 monthsChenell’s best advice for paying off debt and staying motivatedEvil vs Awesome: Student LoansHow blogging lead to her working for herselfChenell’s advice for starting a side hustleEvil or Awesome: Books before moviesLinks:Hustle to Startup BlogConversion Owl Marketing Join […]

Episode 21: Liz & Melissa Talk Best Student Debt Tips for Grads

May 7, 2018

Quick Recap:Student Loan FactsWhat is Income Driven Repayment?What do you recommend for people who don’t know what their options areWhat does it mean to consolidate loans?Why Liz refinanced her bar loanDo research and talk to HRLiz & Melissa’s top post graduation tipsLinks:Student Loan Hero’s stats on student debtFederal Student Loan Repayment Plan CalculatorIncome Driven Repayment […]

Episode 20: Increasing Income to Pay Off Debt with Kayla Sloan

April 23, 2018

Quick Recap:From Shoeaholic No More to $10k VASaving $10,000 while paying off debtYou don’t have to be frugalEvil vs Awesome: TaxesGetting started as a virtual assistantBecoming a full-time VAWhere her debt stands nowEvil vs Awesome: Real life quidditchSpecial offer to our listenersLinks:KaylaSloan.com | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Instagram$10k VA Get $50 of with […]

Episode 19: How Minimalism and Unconventional Living Helped This Family Become Debt Free in 4 Years

April 16, 2018

Quick Recap:Jillian’s Debt StoryEvil vs Awesome: TaxesHow Liz & Melissa Met: online (in a non creeper way) via bloggingLiz started blogging in 2014 at what is now Less Debt More Wine (formerly Friday Night Shenanigans)Melissa started blogging in 2014 at Sunburnt SaverEvil vs Awesome: Real Life QuidditchLinks:Montana Money Adventures | TwitterSaving $100k by 24 Thanks […]

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