Episode 13: Liz & Melissa Talk the Gender Wage Gap

March 5, 2018

Quick Recap:

  • Facts and shit
  • Liz's Experience with the Gender Pay Gap
  • Melissa's Experience with the Gender Pay Gap
  • Evil vs Awesome: Subscription Boxes
  • When Women Make More
  • How much does discrimination factor in?
  • It's up to us to keep moving towards change
  • Evil vs Awesome: Professor Dumbledore


The Show:

Shit’s going down because today we’re talking about the gender pay gap and when women make more. So Happy Women's History Month!

Let's do this!

Facts and Shit

The most commonly used figure to measure the gender wage gap in the United States says women earn 80.5% of the income men make. 

But maybe things are getting better… a Pew study found that for adults ages 25 to 34, the 2015 wage gap is smaller. Women in this group earned 90 cents for every dollar a man in the same age group earned.

Liz's Experience with The Gender Pay Gap

Never worked in public sector, however, I think part of the pay gap comes from how women are perceived just by negotiating.

For my first real job, I didn't know to negotiate. While I don't know if I was necessarily paid less as a woman but I've definitely been looked down upon in the workplace because I'm a woman in the work place, by people who were less educated than I was, which was really fucking annoying.

I guess I'm perceived because of how I talk about money. Overall I've been pretty lucky, but what woman hasn't experienced some kind of shit, just because she is a woman?

Whether it directly impacted her wallet or not...... Though I've definitely been under earning for  most of my life. 

Melissa's Experience with the Gender Pay Gap

So I've worked in the government, which meant that there was a lot of transparency with salary.  Anyone could ask what my salary, so the only discrimination that you would face as a woman was if you maybe didn't get a promotion because you were a woman.

I worked in law enforcement adjacent field, in Homeland Security. But my direct reports were both woman and I knew as I was going up in the ranks my old job went out of the way to recruit promising women. So I haven't really experienced this at all.

Why Do Women Make Less?

People like to say is that the reason women make less is that they choose jobs that pay less and they like to give tons of bullshit reasons.

This was something we talked a bit about with Michelle from Michelle is Money Hungry.

Liz thinks there are tons of reasons why this is, the way our society is structured and the way women are viewed, they are viewed as worth less than men in what they do.

Which is just bullshit. Because if you look at what women have done lately and what is happening in society and culture, women kick ass.

The reality is that the number 80%, that is white women. Minority women have it worse, black women  earn just 62.%, and hispanic and Latina, it's even less, it's 54%. It's head exploding wrong on so many levels. 

There is no logical or legitimate reason this should exist.

One of the biggest reasons for the pay gap is that women take off time to take care of family. 

There is a societal expectation that women want to take care of everything, and some women do, and they are amazing at it, but it's certainly not true for every woman. But as people are being raised without that expectation, this can fall to men.

Women are given more parental leave when they have a child, which sucks for men. Which furthers that stigma. We are the only industrialized country without paid family leave.

The Family Medical Leave Act really only holds your job for you it doesn't mean you get paid during that time off. 

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Evil vs Awesome: Subscription Boxes


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  • Great for convenience 
  • Awesome if you can afford it

Overall: Awesome, if you can afford it.

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When Women Make More

Specifically when women make more than their partners or the societal expectations of being a single women and not relying on a man/partner. 

Melissa's crazy stat: The Urban Institute, using Social Security earnings data, found that the typical wife earns about 50 percent of what her husband does across their working lives. Whaaaat? Do you think that will be true for the Millennial generation based on your experience among friends/Millennial coworkers?

Will this be true for millennials?

Liz: I really fucking hope not.

In the past, a man would get the promotion or raise because he had a family to support rather than a woman who needs to be able to support herself. 

Melissa was pretty sassy at work and is the breadwinner of her house, and fortunately didn't get grief about it. 

How much does discrimination and harassment factor into that?

Liz once went into a law firm where every single lawyer was a man, all the women were in secretarial or paralegal roles. 

It was assumed that I was Mrs. Stapleton, someone's little wife. I purposely introduced myself as an attorney and from then out was referred to Attorney Stapleton. 

I've been called "young lady" by peers or superiors and it was bullshit. 

It is up to us.

Liz corrects these things when she comes across them. And will call out when a peer was being inappropriate in addressing me or trying to do my job. 

Moving on, Megan Markle who is engaged to Prince Harry and she said that our job isn't to give voices to women, women have voices, it's our job to empower them to use them. 

It's about empowering women to use their voices. Time's up on this shit. 

For Melissa, she used to be intimidated by older people in general. But one really good thing that helped was getting a higher education, made me confident in what I had to say. 

When I became a supervisor, I saw people treat a women differently than her male colleague and so I made a concerted effort to help pump her up.

Evil vs Awesome: Professor Dumbledore


  • Could have been more open
  • Arrogant in his knowledge of things


  • Overall good guy
  • Fought off Voldemort
  • Did everything with the best intentions
  • Excellent wizard

Overall: Mostly awesome

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