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About Accio Debt Freedom

We can banish debt - with or without magic! Practical and relatable, the Accio Debt Freedom podcast focuses on the realities of living with debt. Follow along on a magical journey as your hosts embark on paying off over half a million dollars in debt. We'll be talking amongst ourselves and with financial experts, those who are in debt, who’ve conquered debt, and those who are living with debt while leading rich and happy lives. 

About Melissa

Melissa is the overly-caffeinated owner of Sunburnt Saver and manager of Phoenix Living on the Cheap. Prior to becoming a managing editor and content manager full-time, she worked in Emergency Management and Homeland Security. She's published things in places you don't have access to read, and been featured in places you do, like: The Rideshare Guy, Dear Debt, Debt Discipline, Growella, and Horkey Handbook.

About Liz

Liz is the founder and loudmouth behind Less Debt More Wine and She is a freelance writer, online entrepreneur, and recovering attorney whose writing has been featured on The Huffington Post, The Penny Hoarder, Budgets Are Sexy, Credit Sesame, and Magnify Money. Additionally, she has been quoted in articles on Business Insider, Student Loan Hero, and Nerd Wallet.

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