Episode 5 – Setting Goals with the Accio Debt Freedom Team

January 1, 2018

Quick Recap:

  • In 2018, we hope you give yourselves a break! Debt is a marathon, not a sprint (for most people)
  • Liz would like to have JK Rowling be a podcast guest so... that's not going to happen in 2018, but dream big!
  • We also hope you learn at least one thing by listening to us - even if it's random!
  • By the end of 2018, we hope you've found this podcast relatable, useful, and funny 🙂
  • Evil vs Awesome: New Year's Resolutions and the Star Wars Franchise


The Show:

In this episode, it's just Liz and Melissa, and we're reflecting on the upcoming year. We've introduced ourselves, but what exactly do we hope you gain from this podcast?


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Liz would like you to end up feeling like Accio Debt Freedom is a relatable, enjoyable podcast that makes you feel good about your debt journey. It's easy to get overwhelmed or discouraged when you have lots of debt (Liz knows!) but you're not on this journey alone. Liz would also like to have JK Rowling on the podcast to share her debt-free story.

Melissa is shooting slightly lower than Liz: she doesn't have someone in particular she'd like to interview (at least, not at JK Rowling level!) but she does look forward to all of the stories Liz and Melissa have recorded and have scheduled to record. There are some amazing people we've already interviewed, and they're regular people like you and me!

Melissa hopes you listen to Accio Debt Freedom and, by the end of 2018, you feel inspired and motivated by the stories you've heard on the podcast. She also hopes you learn just one thing from ADF by the end of the year - whether it's financial or funny, she just wants ADF to make you go, "hmm, I never knew that before!" once.

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Evil vs Awesome: New Year's Resolutions


  • Making resolutions because you're expected to
  • Setting too many and getting overwhelmed
  • Resolutions can put pressure on you and then you feel really bad when you don't hit them


  • If you set one and stick to it, clearly it's awesome
  • You have to be ready for your goal and go in with the right mindset - don't just set a goal like "whatever"
  • Think of resolutions as goal setting throughout the year: maybe you're not ready January 1, but you are June 1

Overall: Awesome, if you are 110% in on your resolutions

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Setting Goals for Our Blogs

When you run a blog or business (which, for Liz and Melissa, are both), it's crucial to set goals. 

Liz's Sites: Less Debt, More Wine & ElizabethStapleton.com

Liz would like to see her two sites bring in full-time income so she can better serve her readers. Liz has a background in business formation, and she wants to help people understand how to set up businesses for themselves without spending a ton of money. If you want to learn more about setting up a business, check out ElizabethStapleton.com.

Melissa's Site: Sunburnt Saver

Melissa would like to see the site grow because she wants to reach more people, too. She started the blog because she realized, after college, she didn't know how to pay off debt + save money for emergencies + save for retirement + living a normal life (the occasional vacation is awesome!)

She knows she's not the only one who struggles paying off debt while living a life, so in 2018 she wants to show other Millennials how they can live a fulfilling life while paying off debt. For Melissa, this may mean moving to have a better quality of life in a state with a lower cost of living. Is it possible? She'll find out!

While a lot of Millennials are burdened with debt and/or under/unemployment, we also have great opportunities because of the Internet. We have incredible opportunity and incredible costs - it can be tricky!

In 2018, Liz and Melissa are both excited about seeing Accio Debt Freedom grow. Liz and Melissa started the podcast because they wanted to share debt pay off strategies they've learned and stories from people who have paid off debt or are currently paying off debt. They also love to talk, so this is a win-win.

Evil vs Awesome: Star Wars Franchise


  • There is too much going on, thanks Disney
  • Jar Jar Binks


  • It's super cool
  • Emilia Clarke will be in an upcoming movie
  • Jar Jar Binks

Overall: Awesome

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