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These two are so funny and entertaining while talking about a very serious topic (DEBT). They are still in the process of getting debt paid off and that makes it all the better for those of us also trying to get out of debt.

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Accio School of Debt Freedom & Badassery

Accio School of Debt Freedom and Badassery
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This is a secret group for listeners and fans of the Accio Debt Freedom podcast to get advice, support and ideas from other members, and Liz & Melissa...

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About Accio Debt Freedom

We can banish debt - with or without magic! Practical and relatable, the Accio Debt Freedom podcast focuses on the realities of living with debt. Follow along on a magical journey as we (Melissa & Liz) embark on paying off over half a million dollars in debt. We'll be talking amongst ourselves and with financial experts, those who are in debt, who’ve conquered debt, and those who are living with debt while leading rich and happy lives.  Learn More About Accio Debt Freedom

Liz & Melissa
Your Hosts

Thanks to both of you for tackling the issue of debt repayment and debt management in a fun style. Appreciate your work in this space. Keep it up!

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